A Prep Centre is a place where you can arrange to have your products sent to where someone else will take care of the storage, the prep work and the forwarding of your items to the amazon fulfilment centre.

  • Maybe you live out of the country and want to sell in the uk?
  • Maybe you are trying to run your business from your spare room and it is taking your time away from sourcing goods.
  • Maybe you need to free up your time by outsourcing so you can expand.
  • Maybe you have started your amazon business whilst on furlough and are now having to return to full time work. You simply do not now have the spare time available to continue as you were whilst off work and a prep centre would be the perfect solution.
  • Maybe you are thinking of setting up an amazon business and prefer the security of using a prep centre from the start.

Initially you will place your orders with the store or supplier you will be buying your items from. You will then have them delivered directly to us.

Once your items arrive at our facility we will then un box them and check them for damage.

Once we have enough products for a shipment (presuming you are happy for us to have Limited access to your seller central account) then we will create the shipment for you using your seller account, Failing that we can tell you what items we have and you can create the shipment yourself and send us the labels. We will then assess the items and prep accordingly,  ie poly bag, bubble wrap or just label etc. Finally we pack the boxes, weigh them and then request shipping labels from Your Amazon account. We book in the UPS / DPD service and ensure the goods are collected from our warehouse.

Amazon has specific requirements on the type of preparation required for items sent into their fulfilment centres, this will be identified to us during the shipment process. On some occasions we may advise that polybagging or bubble wrap might be suitable for a certain item. Not necessarily because Amazon requires it but to protect the product from damage in the Amazon warehouse, we will usually contact you first but if it does need protection we will just go ahead and complete the prep on your behalf to ensure your items arrive to the customer in the best possible condition.

During the onboarding process you will be given a FBA order worksheet. This is a google sheet which is stored on the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection. Once you place your order with a supplier you will fill out the details of the items you have bought. Once your goods have arrived at our facility we will alter the sheet to show the date and in which quantity.

When we receive your Parcels we will unbox your items and inspect. If there are any issues we will contact you within our messaging platform ‘SLACK’ and provide photos. Any damaged stock will then be placed to one side until you give us an instruction of what you would like us to do with them.

Once the prep work has been carried out we would then re-inspect all items to ensure they are upto our very high standards before being placed into boxes ready to be shipped off.

Fulfilled By Amazon is a service provided by Amazon where you are able to sell your products to millions of Amazon’s customers. FBA was created to allow Amazon to receive your products, store them at their fulfilment center and then ship directly to the customer.

Fulfilled By Merchant is when you are selling products on Amazon however you are responsible for shipping the product directly to the customer.

Yes we do but unfortunately we do not have a forklift truck so deliveries will need to be made up to our warehouse doors.

We do indeed. Within the FBA order worksheet there is a box which you can fill in which specifies how many items you wish to be bundled together.

You are more than welcome to use our address at the Prep Centre for your Amazon FBA returns. We will then liaise with yourselves to whether you would like us to forward them on to you, Resend them into amazon or dispose of these items. If you choose to have them sent to your address we will pack them into a box and provide box dimensions and weight so you can organise a collection to have them sent to your home/business address. You will Just need to add FBA returns to your FBA order worksheet as you would a normal order “Clearly marked FBA RETURN’ so they can be checked in and temporarily stored.

This is an additional service which is chargeable.

As experienced 6 figure sellers ourselves we have extremely high standards when sending items into Amazon. If your items arrive with us and they are damaged or not suitable  for sale we will inform you via Slack our private message platform which you will be assigned when you join us. You will then need to contact the retailer and arrange a return. If the retailer offers a collection service we will repackage the item and await the collection from our warehouse.

We aim to get all of your parcels in and out as fast as possible usually within 24-48 hours of us receiving your Delivery.  For Pallets we aim to get them sent back out within 24-72 hours.

We offer Free Shipment Creation to all of our clients, it can either be you or us that creates your shipments. Once products have arrived, checked in and stored on your shelves, we will work through our quality control system ensuring all products are prepared to Amazon’s requirements. We would then either create the shipment on your behalf or contact you to create the shipment and  send over the labels.

If we are creating your shipments, we comply fully with Amazon’s policy in granting us user permissions access. This is done via a verified identification process where Amazon will require our official identification in the form of a passport. Once granted, you can limit and control the access we have in your Amazon Seller Central Account. We will only need to manage your Inventory & Shipments. We do not need any other access.


We have the capacity to ship 1000’s of units  every month.

We can accept your pallets and process them as required.

All prices exclude VAT which will be added at the current UK rate of 20%.

Initial signup payments are made by card on our website. We would then Send Invoices Via Email On the 1st and 15th of each month, That would be paid by bank transfer upon receipt.