We now offer a direct Merchant Fulfilled service

We are able to store your stock in our warehouse, when you get an order we will pick, pack and ship out directly to your customer.

We have a fast turnaround and aim to get items shipped out the same day using your preferred carrier presuming we get order confirmation by 2pm.

Pricing Structure

One time signup fee £44.95

Storage cost – £4 per week per pallet size area 100 x 120 x 180cm

We charge Just  £1 per item 

This price is for basic pick and pack.

Please contact us if you have any bespoke preparation requirements.


If you are looking to signup to our services, Please contact us on Bestprepuk@gmail.com and we will arrange a call to discuss your requirements

All prices exclude VAT which will be added at the current UK rate of 20%

This package will include:

Slack communication access
Inbound order worksheet
Fast turnaround
UK delivery address